Sharing the Passion, sharing the adventure

When Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard established Spindrift racing five years ago, one of their founding goals was to ensure that through the team and its performance they would be able to share their passion for sailing and the oceans with as many people as possible. The Spindrfit for Schools programme was conceived to coincide with the team’s first attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy in November 2015.


As a result some 8000 primary-aged school children in France and Switzerland were able to share their journey around the world through a series of ocean lessons and an Adventure Book.

In addition, the site also features the Out of the Classroom series. These texts are predominantly taken from the blogs that were written by Dona Bertarelli while she was racing onboard Spindrift 2.

“We would like to inspire children to believe that, with will power, persistence and mutual support, we can achieve the challenges that we set ourselves.”Dona Bertarelli & Yann Guichard

As the team prepares for its next attempt on the world’s most coveted record, the Jules Verne Trophy, sailing around the world non-stop, Spindrift for Schools will once again be ‘onboard’ with the team.

The Spindrift for Schools programme runs throughout the academic year, and while the highlight is of course the Jules Verne Trophy, new and updated lessons now sit alongside an updated Adventure Book.


So, to be part of the this exciting and inspirational programme, please register your interest here[hyperlink to forumlaire].

Once registered your school will then be able to download lesson and teacher guides as well as the Adventure Book. Posters and other educational tools are also available to help bring the adventure to life.

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