This is the question posed in the new Spindrift for Schools lesson published in June 2017.

By definition a yacht is a sailing boat that is propelled by the force of the wind, and yachts come in many forms – monohull, catamarans and trimarans – to name a few. But essentially all are composed of at least one hull, a mast and sails. For centuries this was the only way to transport goods over very long distances. Today yachts are involved largely in racing, and naval engineers and architects have continued to evolve and innovate in the design, structure and build of boats, all with the aim of gaining more speed. In recent years boats that ‘fly’ have been a common sight on many inshore and offshore events. So is it possible that a sailing boat can ‘fly’ over the oceans? This new lesson from Spindrift for Schools, poses this question ‘Can sailing boats fly like an aeroplane over the oceans?’ and helps students to analyze the theory step by step.

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New rudder on Maxi Spindrift 2