What Is Illegal Fishing?

Cycle 3 (9/12 years), Middle School (12/15 years)
Science and life of the Earth, Sustainable Development Education, Moral and Civic Education

Cartoonist Jim Toomey—whose daily comic strip, Sherman’s Lagoon, is syndicated in more than 250 newspapers in the United States—has joined forces with The Pew Charitable Trusts to illustrate "illegal fishing" and other terms associated with our oceans.

Every second, criminals steal 1,800 pounds of fish from our oceans. Not only does poaching damage marine ecosystems, this piracy also hurts legitimate fishermen, who rely on a healthy ocean. What are the different types of illegal fishing? How this crime can make waves throughout the ocean and around the world. Watch and learn!

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Ocean conservation is essential but sometimes difficult to understand. Pew joined forces with cartoonist Jim Toomey, the artist behind “Sherman’s Lagoon,” on 10 animated videos that explain the complicated concepts that guide efforts to protect our oceans.

With courtesy of Pew Charitable Trusts