We would like to welcome SPINNY, the new mascot for Spindrift for Schools. Spinny is a flying fish and will feature in much of the material for Spindrift racing’s education programme.

The flying fish evolved about 66 million years ago and was first thought to fly so that it could sleep on land. This small fish has long wing-like fins and can travel at speeds of up to 60km/hour so that it gains enough momentum to jump out of the water and ‘fly’. Typically it flies about 50cm from the surface of the water and can have consecutive glides of up to some 400m. The Flying Fish can be found in most of the oceans in the world, it is very clever and very fast, so a perfect mascot for Spindrift for Schools!

We asked children of some our partner schools to suggest a name for the mascot and after looking through all the suggestions Dona and Yann chose Spinny.

Welcome Spinny!