On Friday 12th May over 170 children came and visited the Spindrift racing sport and technical base in St Philibert, Brittany. The visitors were immersed into the world of Spindrift racing and were able to see first hand behind the scenes.

Schools from the local area and as far afield as Montreuil Bellay met members of the team, held a Q&A session with the team’s founders Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard, and spent two hours touring the base and taking part in each of the showcase stands.

Fifty children made the journey to the base on their bicycles from the nearby town of Crach.

“It was great that the students were able to see the professionalism that makes up a team like Spindrift racing. They learned a huge amount and we will have the opportunity to talk about thatnow in class!” CE Saint Joseph, Crach

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